Berkeley Quantum Science and Technology seminars launched

Join us 

Most Wednesdays starting March 6, join the group from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in 375 LeConte Hall for talks and conversations over refreshments. Talks feature distinguished scientists in the fields of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

3/6 Umesh Vazirani, Berkeley. Quantum computing algorithms

3/13 John Preskill, Caltech. Quantum information science

3/20 Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard. Quantum Materials

4/10 Dave DeMille, Yale. Ultracold chemistry

4/24 Birgitta Whaley (Berkeley). Complex and open quantum systems

5/1 Junqiao Wu (Berkeley). Engineering quantum systems

4/3, 4/17, and 5/8: Additional speakers to be announced.

Find schedule updates here.

Organized by CQCS, and by Holger Mueller (