Ehud Altman

AMO theory
PI: Ehud Altman

Atomic and molecular parity violation, searches for dark matter, atomic magnetometry, physics and application of color centers in diamond

We develop new fast and ultrafast electron and optical microscopies and in situ X-ray scattering to characterize complex semiconductor and biomolecular material self-assembly and electronic energy transport processes at the nanoscale.

Small scale ion trap quantum computers can perform precise tests of the fundamental laws of nature as well as explore interesting questions in chemistry and materials science.

Extreme ultraviolet and x-ray pulses are used to probe the dynamics of atoms, molecules, and solids, revealing electron dynamics on subfemtosecond timescales.

Reading - and writing - all the information that is physically present in a wave at the quantum limit probes and controls nature at its most fundamental and most complex. We apply this concept in fundamental physics, bioimaging, and nanofabrication.

The quantum states of nonlinear superconducting circuits form building blocks for new studies of quantum optics and the potential construction of quantum computers.

Gases of atoms and molecules, cooled to nanokelvin temperatures, bring quantum mechanics to view on accessible time and length scales. Experiments explore materials science, non-equilibrium many-body quantum physics, quantum limits to measurement, and more.